Feudal Japan

1. What is Feudalism?
                    Feudalism is a form of government by using a social structure

2. What led to the rise of Feudalism in Japan
The Japanese emperor needed power, in which they didn't have. Landowners had more land and power than the government.

3. What are 3 art forms from ancient Japan and how did they impact/influence society at that time period?
Haiku- 3 lines of poetry with 5 syllables, then 7, then 5. Haiku made a impact in the society by helping them get more out of nature
Martial Arts- popular in ancient Japan(for both men and women) and impacted the society because most of the time they would become samurai and help protect the people of Feudal Japan.
Zen Gardens- Gardens that show the beauty of nature and a quiet place to think.

4. What was the social structure of Feudal Japan?
          The social structure of Feudal Japan was the shogun(king,military leaders, emperor) at the top, then Diamyo (landowners- more powerful then the emperors), and lowest was the merchants/farmers.

This is the social structure of Japanese Feudalism.

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