Marie Prevost

November 8, 1898 - January 21, 1937

In November of 1989, a star was born in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada with the name of Mary Bickford Dunn. At the age of 18 she was hired as an actress, for one of the most famous companies in Hollywood. Once she began her Hollywood career she took in the excitement and changed her name to Marie Prevost. She got her big break in 1924 when Ernest Lubitsch chose her as one of the leading actresses in his movie "The Marriage Circle". She was on of the busiest actresses in the twenties starring in over 50 films in the one decade. Suddenly her life took a turn for the worst when her mother died in a car accident she locked herself in her home and had a drinking problem loosing all her finances causing her to loose her home she soon died of malnutrition and alcoholism.

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