1. Momentum is a characteristics of a moving object that is related to the mass and the velocity of the object.

2. The Law of Conservation of Momentum is the rule that in absence of outside forces the total momentum f objects that interact does not change.

3. Formula: Momentum= Mass x Velocity

4. The letter p stands for momentum because they used the word "impetus" instead of momentum and it came from the latin word "petere" which means to go towards or rushed upon

5. The heavy moving van and the small motorcylce could have the same momentum because the van has a lot of mass, which makes it harder to stop and the small motorcycle would be going very fast also making it harder to stop.

6. A  sticky collision is when objects with the same mass  stick together during a collision a non-sticky collision is when two objects with the same mass don't stick together, instead the faster object slows down and the slower object would eventually speed up.

7. Elastic Collision:

When two bodies in which the kinetic energy is the same before and after they collide.

8.   Inelastic collision: When two objects collide, the kinetic energy could turn into vibration energy causing a heating effect, deforming the body.

9.  I think throwing a piece of clay on the ground would be an inelastic collision because the kinetic energy would not be conserved, so it wouldn't bounce back like a bouncy ball.

10. Angular momentum is when an object is spun in a direction instead shot straight forward like a tennis ball. In space the nebulae, stars, black holes, and planets all have angular momentum because they spin around in the same spot. The big nebulae spin slowly, and when some parts change into stars, the stars start to spin faster because it has less mass. Then the stars turn into supernovas and then they are turned into small black holes. The small black holes spin the fastest because the law of conservation states that momentum doesn't just disappear. So if a thing gets bigger it has more momentum, and if an object gets smaller it spins faster (it has less mass) to have the same momentum.

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