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this is one of Icelands fashon clothing today.

This is Icelands flag.

This is one of the foods they eat in Iceland
they also eat sheep heads, meatballs and more familler and different foods.

here is what the people in Iceland were in the winter.

This is how big the fish is in  Iceland.

This is one of the housing after the meltdown in Iceland.

This housing is from before Iceland had the meltdown. This house has grass all over it.

This valcano is in Iceland and it is erupting.

the valcano  is on top of an icey mountain.

here is some other clothing in Iceland.

the music and traditional that Iceland listen is Islandica songs and dances from Iceland Arc

This house is in the country side of lceland

The music that Iceland has its own National Anthem

Iceland nickname is the land of fire and ice

Iceland s also a living geolgy lesson it it a land of active volcanoes ,oozing lava and also jolting earthquakes. It has sparkling glaciers in the sun and ice with carved fjords, and some geyesers shooting out  really hot water like 212 degrees and the water is boiling.

The scientists believe that Icelands volcanic activity ws created one third of  the lava produced on earth like 500 years . Iceland also has more the 100 volcanoes.

Iceland stretches out in a large  plateau  and the island's center is higher then the surroundig coastlineThe mountains in Iceland are volcanic.

There are no towns in Iceland..

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