How to impress the panel in a phone interview?

Just like interviews conducted in person, telephonic interviews can also be equally daunting. They too need exceeding amount of ground-work and some kind of strategy. At times, companies fail to have too much time to deal with a lot of interviewees. To filter out candidates, a telephonic interview is conducted. There are certain things that need to be kept in mind if you are aim to impress the panel over the phone. Read these following tips which will help you to crack that much-feared phone, apply the strategies and get on your way to finding your Dream Job:

1) Reliable network: Make sure the network on your mobile phone is strong enough to pull you through the interview without an interruption. Line getting disconnected during the telephonic interview is considered not only rude but also ruptures the flow. In case you happen to be unsure of the network, stick to the landline to avoid a mishap. Also, disable “call waiting” on your mobile phone to avoid any distractions during the course of your interview.

2) Keep calm and choose a quiet place: Noisy background is never preferred. Choose a quiet place and see to it that you too have a calm and pleasant composure. As far as possible, try and keep a smile on your face while talking as that will make your voice look lively and buoyant. Posture should be erect and firm to bring about alertness in the voice tone.

3) Use notes and your resume: Remember, they can’t see you, so make the most out of it. Use notes wherever possible to avoid stammering or confusion. Also, keep your resume close to you for a quick reference if questions about your background are asked.

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