GEOGRAPHY/PHYSICAL FEATURES: They were located in present day southern Mexico, Belize, most of Guatemala, and parts of Honduras, El Salvador, and Central America. Some major physical features were mountains, highlands, lowlands, and swamps

CLIMATE: It was hot and humid in the summer and in some parts it was rainy. They had dry seasons.

MILITARY/WAR: The most famous war was between the city states of Calakmul and tikal in the 500's and 600's. The Mayan enemies were usually their neighboring cities and mexican explorers. The outcomes of these battles and wars usually depended on the city state that won.The city state that won usually gained power and the power struggle went on for a while.

ECONOMY: The Mayan traded within the empire because it was made up of may city states. So they traded to each other or neighboring city states. Some of their trade items included jade, flint, and foods like fish. The most prized trade item was the mineral obsidian.  

GOVERNMENT: Some famous leaders were Pascal, he ruled for 68 years during the late classic period. The leadership structure was a monarchy. The king or ruler had advisers to help him rule. His son or close male relative would take over after he died.


  • Roles of women: Mayan women rose before dawn to get the burning in the fireplace. Then with the help of her daughters, Mayan women cleaned the corn that had been boiled and left to soak and soften overnight. Then she set out to work at the grinding stone, pounding corn into meal. She made little breads or tamales and cooked them over the fire.
  • Roles of men:  Mayan men ate their breakfast quickly and set off to work in the fields. when they weren't busy in the fields they had to hunt and capture animals. They also helped build temples and palaces and in time of war they served as soldiers.
  • Education: The nobles and the Priests were the only educated one s in society so they were the only ones who knew how to read and write.
  • Architecture: The Mayan's built pyramids, temples, and palaces.
  • Clothing: The clothing of the Maya depended on the region they lived in and their social status. The wealthy wore colorful clothing made from animal skins. They also wore feather headdresses and fancy jewelry. Men and women both wore their hair long. Commoners wore simpler clothing. The men wore loincloths and the women wore skirts.
  • Cuisine: The most important food that the Maya ate was maize, which was a vegetable like corn. They also ate beans, squash, and chilies.
  • Religion: The Mayans were polytheistic. They had many gods but the most important ones was the rain god, corn god, and the death god. They had over 160 gods total The Mayan made sacrifices and offerings to the gods such as feathers, animals, and sometimes people.

IMPACT ON THE MODERN WORLD: The 365 1/4 day calendar is still used today.

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