1st Scenario

     If I was a part of the group of friends, then I would try to stop them from teasing Chris. They probably don't know that teasing somebody through technology is considered cyber bullying. If they don't listen, then I would get up and leave. I would tell them that I couldn't be their friend if they were going to tease somebody. However, I would act nice to him, since he is unpopular. Everybody needs at least one friend, so they can feel wanted. However, if the teasing continues, then I would talk to a trusted adult about what they are doing. If the behavior still continues, I would have to take it to the police, because they still wouldn't listen. However, if they do listen the first time, then we wouldn't have to tell anyone.

     If they ask why I would tell on them, I would explain that cyber bullying is a crime, and there can be serious federal punishments due to it. Also, if they had gone further, than Chris would have probably felt the need to commit suicide, so that is another reason why I would tell them to stop. I would feel good about myself if I told them to stop, since bullying and cyber bullying is a federal offense. If I had joined into the bullying, then I would have also faced charges. So I think I would do the right thing, because I have done this same thing before. I think I would have made a major change in the way they think.

     Basically, this scenario is about a group of friends sitting around a computer eating pizza, when they see an unpopular kid named Chris got on IM. They decide to ask him personal questions and then post it on a blog. They thought it would be funny and they think that it would not affect him in any way. They know that half the school read it and they know that Chris will be the joke of the school.

2nd Scenario

      The bully assumes that you are on his/her side if you do not do anything. If you see the bullying happening, you can tell the bully to stop, and if it continues then you need to tell an adult you know and trust. You have changed the bullying climate in your school because the bully most likely knows that if you stand up to them, that you will tell on them if it continues, and they won't want to get in trouble, making them stop. If you stand up, then the bully sees that you are not on their side and that they should st  op.