Think Twice About Instagram

Not everyone sees your selfies the way you do.

 What is Instagram? A fun social networking site where you can connect with all your friends? Or a place where bullies and stalkers can torment you without consequences. Instagram is not always what it seems, here is a look into the dark side of Instagram.  

Not Everyone Sees Your Selfies The Way You Do

One Story Out Of Many

 This is a 15 year old girl named Amanda Todd who committed  suicide because of years of bullying and torment. It all started when she first flashed anonymous man on Skype. This was one mistake that led to many, including experimenting with drugs and alcohol, and multiple suicide attempts. Finally leading to her death on October 10, 2012. This was all because of cyberbullying.

Selfies: More Dangerous Than We Realize

 That is the definition of a selfie. What it doesn't say in the definition is how easy is it for stalkers and bullies to get your information and torment you non-stop.  For instance you are usually tagged in photos by friends and family on  Instagram which is an easy way for stalkers to find out your real name, where you've been, the people you hangout with, where you go to school, and where you live. Bullies usually make fun of   how you look and how you dress and since these comments and photos are posted online  even if you delete them they will always be there.


Grace_is_awesome: Do u like my selfie:)

Fredireco_should_go_die: Why did u take a pic of ur pet cow?

Grace_is_awesome: That's me, not a cow.

Fredireco_should_go_die: Really? I can't tell the difference.

Grace_is_awesome: Can u stop. Thats mean.

Fredireco_should_go_die: Why should I? U have no clue who I am.

Grace_is_awesome: Ya but still......

Fredireco_should_go_die: U don't control me you flat nosed idiot.

Grace_is_awesome: Stop!

Fredireco_should_go_die: Do u honestly think I will stop? Go die!

Cyber Bullying:  The Facts of The Stats

 - The prevalence of having been bullied electronically is higher among female students  (22.1%) then male (10.8%)  students.

- (47%) of social media  using teens have witnessed other people being mean or cruel on social media.

- (15%) of social media using teens say they have been bullied.

- (13%) of students have felt nervous after being cyber bullied to come to school the next day.

- (94%) of older teen social media users more frequently share certain types of information such as: selfies, their school name, their relationship status and their cellphone number.

How You See Yourself On Instagram

Do you take your selfies then delete them if they do not get enough comments or likes? Or do you constantly compare yourself to your followers and never think your as pretty or as handsome as them? You may or may not do this all the time but many people on Instagram do do this.  You evaluate how good you looked on how many likes you get on a photo of themselves.  This can lead to low self-esteem and extreme jealousy of how other people look compared to yourself . You should never feel bad about the way you look and Instagram encourages this.

    In conclusion, Instagram has many faults. Stalker and bullies can torment you non-stop, your selfies can make people feel jealous about the way they look compared to you, it can lead to cyber bullying and in worst cases suicide. So next time you are about to post a selfie, think twice first. Is it really worth doing?

By: Grace and Glynis

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3 years ago

Great job girls! I really like the way you organized your Tackk. There's a good variety of photos interspersed with text. I would like an article or two to support your arguments. Nice varied sentence structure. That Federico should bully someone his own size;)