The Journey of the Little Penguin

By Manjot, Shirin, and Zainab

- smallest of the 17 penguin species in size with blue and grey feathers

-the population of the penguins rang from 350-600,000

- Only penguin species that breeds in Australia, live on the Southern coast near Perth and the Coffs Harbour in the North. Also found in New Zealand

The Phylogenetic Tree


- attacked by dogs, cats and foxes resulting in the lower population

- destruction of nesting habitats due to human activities

- pollution and disturbance from human leisure activities (Jet skiers)

- less food supply

The threats are increasing due to the occurrence of the human activities and disturbances.

Conservation in Action

- protected under the National Parks and Wildlife Acts 1974

- Sydney Harbor is protected as an endangered population under the Threatened Species Conservation Act 1995

If you live near a little penguin colony, you can help by..

  • never allow your dog or cat to roam free in areas where the little penguin may have its breeding sites or burrows
  • if you see little penguins when you are near the coast, keep your distance - you may be near breeding sites or habitat areas which can easily be disturbed
  • if you would like to help the research program into little penguins, contact the Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife, which has established a fund for research and recovery work for the species.


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