A Day in The Life

           By: Margaret Marian Bordley


                             Crossroads@Meade Computer Science Class
                                          28 January 2015

        Yesterday I woke up and started cooking breakfast. I also started to clean the house with my sister. But for my breakfast I eat pancakes, eggs, bacon, and home fries. After I eat my Breakfast I started reading my book ( The Perk of being a Wallflower). I read my book for about 2 hours then went to sleep. Then went to sleep for 3 hours.

       At around 5:30 was the time I woke back up. When I woke up I started reading again for about an hour or two. Then after I put my Book down it as about 6:00 and my mama ask did I want to learn how to make chill and I did. So my mama taught me how to make chill step by step. Also did you know making chill takes forever and is hard to do.

Now at night at around 7:00 my shows started to come on. first was Every Witch Way, Pretty Little Liar,  and Open Heart. After all my shows went off me and my sister got on kik and started talking about who was we talking to and what we was talking about. Also we was play fighting too and like always I won. And that How my day went.

6:00-8:00 cooked, clean, and eat

8:00-10:00 read my book

10:00-5:30 slept

5:30-7:00 read my book

7:00-9:00 watch my shows

9:00-11:00 was with my little sister

11:00-1:00 went to sleep

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