Young Heroes

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          Matt, Ariel, and Deomonte Love have a lot of things in common.They all are young heroes because they helped people in ways you wouldn't even imagine. They all faced a hurricane that destroyed where they lived. They all survived a hurricane even through all the destruction.They all helped in a way.Matt didn't get any medals or awards.He Saved a grandmother.He Saved everybody he could.He Struggled to save people. Ariel got a medal from Obama.She gave back to people who lost items in the storm.She escaped the storm by leaving to Chicago.She didn't really save anyone's lives but she did put smiles on peoples faces. Deomonte Love survived Hurricane Katrina not Hurricane Sandy.He lived in Baton Rouge,Louisiana were the hurricane hit.He lead a group of kids on a daring adventure. He promised his parents that he would watch and protect his little brother.

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