Tropical desert

Carson, Erica, Lillian, Quintaris

In the Tropical Desert you will have a ton of fun and joyful activities such as,Canoeing,Nature-walks,Zip-lining,Riding Camels,Seeing the animals,Rock Climbing,60 meter drop,Jordan Trail,Research Walks,and you can try delicious Desert Island Foods.Those are a lot of things you can do in the Tropical Desert.Some Major cities in the Tropical Desert are Algeria,Niger,Chad,and,Mali are some cities you would want to see or visit in the Tropical Desert.

Caracal like to eat birds,mammals,and rodents. The Caracal can be found in semi deserts of Africa and Western Asia.The Caracal hunts by itself,and can live as long as 17 years in captivity.They are active at nocturnal.

This plant is a South African shrub having a swollen succulent steam it is called the impala Lilly, don't touch the flower because it has a highly toxic sap as a poison for arrows.

A usual temperature in the tropical is 18 cm and their are actives in the tropical desert . You can auto touring /exploring, biking and cycling,camping, bird watching ,gold panning in the desert.

Clothes you can wear is shorts, short sleeve t-shirt, hat, and sandals.

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