10 Internet Safety Rules

rules you should keep in mind when on the web

1. Don't give any of your personal information to anyone online like your address, email address, any of your passwords, birthday, and etc.

2. Don't agree to "meet" anyone  you just met online unless your parents agree to come with you to meet them at a public place.

3.  Tell your parents if you hear or see anything that makes you feel uncomfortable or that is inappropriate.

4. Don't respond to any messages that are mean or make you feel uncomfortable.

5. Don't say inappropriate things on the net.

6. Don't do anything illegal on the internet.

7.  Don't download anything off the internet unless your parents ok.

8. Don't forward a email when you are sending a email to several people.

9. Don't click on adds when on the internet.

10.  Be a good online citizen.                

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