Balloon-A-Palooza will soar to the sky.

Description: My name is Peter  and me and my group (Stephen ,  Will ,  Noah.) have started a small business called Balloon-A-Palooza. With our business we hope to make profit and lend on kiva. We are selling punching balloons to town boys and hope to do well. With this blog I will guide you through our journey of our small business. Thanks for reading!

Kiva Reflection: These last couple of weeks one thing I have resonated with was comfort with the new and unfamiliar. I resonated with this because most of the stuff in the kiva unit was new and unfamiliar to me and I had to adjust to that. One thingI had to adjust to was waiting for something that was pretty necessary for this kiva project and being open and ok with the fact that we might not get funded. We also had to have a lot of hope to reach this goal with out being negative.

Part 2: One thing that I have been working on this whole year along with the project is sensitivity and respect fro others difference. I try to be the most respectful person I ca be but some thing I catch my self assuming stuff s I am trying to illuminate these thoughts. I think everyone can work one this topic because everybody is different and if we all except each other we will be a way happier earth. Also  think we should help people be proud of their differences and not ashamed of them. The way this relates to our project is that to be the best sales person we have to understand people and try to find what most people want.

What does it feel like to be borrower: When I look at myself as a borrower I feel constant pressure to pay back what I borrowed. For me it it is a challenge because I have never been in a position like this before. I think this is a great experience for if when I am older and I am in this position, I think  this is great way learn and also it will help me later in life.

One quote that would help describe my experience is "Change is the end result of all true learning."- Leo Buscaglia. I think this is s good description because it throughout our project we are learning and at the end we want to make change by lending.

The global goal that is resonating with me right now is problem solving. This is true because we invested 82.25 dollars in fidget spinner. At the end of the end of the year we have an anual report, And because we invested and are still selling spinners we don't have most of the data that we need to make the presentation. That is why we have to problem solve and prepare the graphs for when we do get the data. Overall I hope this project goes