I wrote 2 lines of code but all-time in total I did 155!!!:) .

I get to make cool things like snowflakes, circle ,squares, some patens and flowers.   

I am making a game on scratch. in this game make sure you don't hit the grond.

this is a birds eyes view-upstairs.

it has two bedrooms ,a small bathroom and a reading room.  

we did digital photography composition and image editing tasks.

I made 4 original photographs that I have taken and edited using pixlr.com(Express).

this is the relxing room with a big  TV, some books and a couch.

with a nice little fancy table with red rose's on top and a little clock on the cloud walls.

Tinker cad is a web site where you can do all sours of things you can make anything you want.

Tinker cad is a great web site for people with a big imagination and for people that don't have a big imagination.

Think you know.com is a website for kids with cyber bullying problems and it helps everyone.

On think u know you can click on what can go wrong?

then have a read.

It said nothing do online or on your mobile phone IS EVER 100% SAFE and things that could go wrong include: Putting stuff up online you wish you hadn't , feeling pressured to do thing you don't want toseeing things you wish you hadn't Hacking and viruses Taking to people you don't know Mobile issues.

I made a chair on sketchup it is the bast game in the world and it is super fun.

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I am awesome!!!!!!!