Digital Memories

The digital past

A digital footprint is the trail of data that is left behind by users on digital services. There are two main classifications for digital footprints: passive and active.

What I learned from this video is that people leave  things online that can embarrass them later. What's funny today can embarrass you tomorrow.

Use safety tools and be more careful on what you post online. The things we post can prevent us from getting jobs or so much more.

People learn about who you are from listening to the things you say and the way you say them. They learn about who you are by watching what you do, how you behave, and how you treat other people. Some people don't realize that what they say and do online can be seen by others.

To protect yourself from a bad digital footprint you can guard your privacy online and be careful because someone can use it against you. Always assume that everybody is watching. Don't hide behind a fake screen name. Choose wisely because not everything online is good for you. Finally be smart and safe online. #SAHSdigitalfootprints

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