The Ghost's Grave

By:Peg Kehret


Josh is thrilled when he makes the baseball team, but now he'll be able to practice all summer. But then his mom announce they have a job that will take them to India for the summer, and Josh will spend his summer an aunt who lives thousands of miles away. There is also a old tree house that was seemingly cursed,And two things happen that will make Josh's summer anything but boring. First, a stray and starving cat appears from out of the woods. And second, a ghost appears in the tree house and asks Josh to dig up his leg. Meanwhile, Josh's aunt has told him about a terrible robbery that occurred many years ago. The dastardly thief stole money, and the robbery was never solved and the $100,000 never recovered.


The setting takes place in Aunt Ethel's house, the tree house, and a grave yard


Some of the characters are Josh (main character), Aunt Ethel (main character), Mr.stray(the Cat),and Wilber Martin(the ghost and main character)


Willber wants Josh to dig up his leg and beary it with the rest of his body. Will Josh dig up willies leg, will he find something along the way, and how far will the owner go to get it back.

Peg Kehret

About the Author

Peg Kehret has always loved to write. As a child she wanted to be a writer or a veterinarian. Now she includes animals in most of her books and, when she isn’t writing, she helps animal rescue groups. Peg’s books have won more than fifty state young reader awards.

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