Jakarta, Selular.ID - profit sharing scheme which heralded by ITRB (Indonesian Telecommunications Regulatory Agency) between service providers Over The Top (OTT) and the operator is expected to be a bright speck initial step continuity synergy.

Currently, the relationship between OTT with still a push-pull operators. On the one hand, operators need OTT as a reason to use for customers to use data access, which is currently the operator, must continue to invest to develop a network with high investment. On the other hand, OTT require operators to acquire customers and access to services, but this time

OTT not provide any B2B collaboration benefits to the operator. Oftentimes, if the service is a bad OTT, who blamed first is the operator, not OTT concerned.

Revie Sylviana Goddess, VP Revenue Stimulation and Retention XL Axiata, assume OTT often very closed to create a business model that is flexible and provides the benefits of cooperation B2B (business - to-business) for the operator.

"Some OTT nothing comes with a unilateral approach - take it or leave it. They were not open to discuss business and adapt to the needs of each party and the nature of mutuality between the two sides, "complained Revie Selular.ID team (09/01/2015).

"Not all of OTT would open and flexible mind set to discuss. Some of them feel that without having to do collaboration with operators, service of OTT can still grow and great by it, "he said.

Revie added should be a scheme of mutual business model/win-win appropriate portion of the contribution of the role and the cost borne by each party. Because it still thinks, is still evident that the most effective medium for customer acquisition OTT is through cooperation with the operator, in which OTT will not be able to run itself without access/network provided by the operator in a country.

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