Professional Development Resource: Evergreen Brickworks

Jennifer Anne T. Vicencio - MT 142


History: Was a quarry and industrial site in the past. It is located in the Don River Valley in Toronto. Brickworks opened in 1989 and provided bricks that were used to construct many of the well known Toronto land marks such as Massey Hall, Casa Loma and the Ontario Legislature. It was converted into a city park and in 1997. Soon after an environmentally focused community and cultural centre opened called Evergreen.

Mission: Inspiring action to green cities.

Vision: Green Cities, Healthy Planet

Ways that teachers can use this resource:

Teachers can use this resource in a variety of ways:

Evergreen Brickworks is located in Toronto, which is an urban centre. Teachers can focus on the idea of place and then look at local nature, culture and communities. Specifically the idea of place can be looked at in a variety of subjects. In the Sciences, teachers can look at local ecology and life systems (classification of rocks and minerals, classification of plants and animals, micro organisms, sexual and asexual organisms, changes in habitats and its affects on the survival of living organisms, how organisms use nutrients, water and oxygen, and the various uses of water). In Social studies teachers can look at the history of the land that the Evergreen centre is built, which can lead to the history of Toronto and Toronto architecture. Social studies teachers can also look at the relationships between cultures and environments, and make comparisons of the resources and conservation practices in Canada (past and present). HPE teachers can also incorporate the idea of place by looking at urban centres and ways in which sustainable foods can be grown and accessed in these urban communities. A more detailed look at how HPE teachers can link place to the curriculum can be found in the section "Links to Academic Learning and Curriculum Expectations".

Materials that can be used in a classroom:

Step-by-step road map to help teachers start their school ground greening process.

This section includes: Activities for kids, Unit Plans & Lessons per grade

This is a general guidebook on creating and maintaining food gardens was created for schools to use in their greening projects but it's a valuable, comprehensive tool for anyone looking to start an outdoor garden.

Detailed information on native trees, shrubs, wild flowers, grasses, aquatic and vine species

Programs offered to schools: Place Based, Hands-on, Active and Mobile& Arts - Infused

Links to Academic Learning and Curriculum Expectations (HPE):

This professional development resource can be linked to academic learning and the the HPE curriculum expectations by focusing on the factors that contribute to healthy development, sense of personal responsibility for life long health, and respect for their own health in relation to others.

Health and Physical Education - Strand C: Healthy Living

Grade 4: C1.1 Nutrients , C2.1 Food choices - healthy eating goals , C3.1 Food choices in various settings

Grade 5: C2.1 Nutrition facts tables - Food labels , C3.1 Media influences - Food choices

Grade 6: C2.1 Influences on healthy eating  ,C2.2 Eating cues and guidelines , C3.1 Benefits of healthy eating and active living

Grade 7: C2.1 Food choices and health problems , C3.1 Healthy eating practices and routines

Grade 8: C1.1 Nutrients, C2.1 Food Choices , C3.1 Promoting healthy eating

Social Justice Issue:
Food Security & Sustainable Food Systems

To Ensure that all people at all times have physical access and economic access to adequate amounts of nutritious, safe and culturally appropriate foods, which are produced in an environmentally sustainable and socially just manner, and that people are able to male informed decisions about their food choices.

Topics to cover: Environmental Health, Economic Vitality, Social and Human Health, Food Production, Food Consumption & Food Processing, Distribution and Marketing

Connections to student lives: Supporting Local Farms - Growing food in the city - Community Gardens