Obesity takes the "cake" for most preventable premature death

I know that obesity is a problem in contemporary society and how it is become worse. After viewing Super-Size me it has occurred to me just how bad obesity is and how much it is effecting our current society every single day. After doing some research and watching the film it is easy to see why people take the route of always eating out but I didn’t realise just how many people actually do this. Obesity has overtaken smoking as the number one preventable death. I was well aware pf how bad smoking is and how it takes so many lives daily but to think that something can overtake it is scary. "The obesity crisis is not on its way - it is already here," Professor Daube said. "What we have done about obesity is not working. This issue needs concentrated and determined action." Obesity Health Risks. I use to hear a lot about smoking campaigns and ads on radio about smoking and how bad it is for you but it seems to me that it has died down a little or it might be that obesity is almost everywhere I look where it’s a person or a poster we are continuously bumping into it in our everyday lives, so much so that we don’t take notice until it’s too late.

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