Fred Astaire
                 by Ashley

                                                              Fred Astaire

Frederic Austerlitz was born born to Frederic E and Ann Gelius Austurlitz on May 10, 1899 in Omaha, Nebraska.  His parents put him in dancing school with his sister Adele in 1903 when he was 4 years old.


Fred's family moved to New York City so that Fred and Adele could continue with their training with their singing, dancing and acting.  In 1905 they performed in Vaudeville, which are shows that had singing acting, dancing and comedy.

                                                          Fred Gets Famous

When Fred's sister Adele got married the dancing pair split up.  Fred had to go out on his own, so he went to Hollywood.  He was picked to star in a movie called  "Dancing Lady".

                                                        Fred and Ginger

In 1933, he met Ginger Rogers and they starred together in many musical comedies.  Their routines included tap, ballroom and even ballet.  In 1939, Fred and Ginger did not dance together any more.   Fred continued to appear with many other leading ladies.

                                                              Family Life

Fred was married to Phyllis Baker Potter.  They had 2 children, Fred Jr. and Ava.  Phyllis died in 1954.  In 1980, Fred married again to a horse jockey, Robin Smith.  Fred Astaire died June 22, 1987.  Fred Astaire was the greatest and most popular dancer of all time!