The Last Supper

By: Andrea Capozzoli

Jesus, Our Savior, Invited his 12 Apostles over to celebrate the Passover Meal. Little did his Apostles know, he was inviting them to a feast in which he would offer himself up.

When the Apostles came, Jesus started the meal, but told his Apostles not to drink from the cup, and they were dumbfounded by this.

Jesus then proceeded to say that the wine and bread, were now his body and blood, and were offered to them as a sacrifice.

At this Last Supper, Jesus metaphorically, replaced the traditional lamb with himself as the sacrifice, which he would complete the next day. He would soon become the ultimate sacrifice.

The bread and wine were consecrated into Jesus' actual body and blood and he said that whoever drinks my blood and eats my body will gain eternal life.

The Apostles' were confused, but had faith in Jesus, for they knew he was the Savior.

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