They normally have soft moist skin that is covered by a layer of mucus. they normally live in wet areas because there body tend to dry very fast.There are three main groups of anphibians caecilians salamanders newts and mudpuppies and frogs and toads.they are the most known is turtles and frogs and anphibians are always mistaken for reptiles.

the anphibians habitat is a very moist and warm and they need this because they will dry. and they need to stay moist to slip away from predators and to survive period. it also host most or all of there food chooses. an the climate has to be perfect and the swamps hosts that.

there two divisions reptiles and anphibians.

reptiles are normally mistaken to be anphibians but they are only alike in very little ways. they both can live in wet lands and both have the same ancestors. but went in different direction after a while the turtles and frogs are the most mistaken to be reptiles. there different because.There are many structural and reproductive differences between reptilesand amphibians though both are vertebrates. Some sorts of reptiles are alligators, crocodiles, turtles, and snakes. And some amphibians are salamanders, toads, frogs etc. One difference is between the structures of their skin.

The caecilians are an order of amphibians that superficially resemble earthworms or snakes. They mostly live hidden in the ground making them the least familiar order of amphibians they completely lack limbs. Their skin is smooth and usually dark-matte, but some species have colorful skins. Inside the skin are  calsite scales .

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