The new Koenigsegg Regera

No words needed.

The new Koenigsegg Regera was revealed on the Genèva motor show and it pleasantly suprised the visitors.
The Regera is an attempt by she Swedish carmaker to beat rivals like the Ferarri La Ferrari and the Mclaren P1.

The Regera's powertrain includes a 5.0 liter twin-turbocharged V8 with three electric motors that all togheter deliver 1500 hp. It is luxury megacar alternative.
With this much horsepower, the Regera is capable to go from 0- 400 km/h in just 20 seconds what is astonishing fast.

Regera means "to reign" in Swedish.
It is less exclusive than the Agera but it costs more, the basic price is 2 million dollar.

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2 years ago

This car is the fastest production car now, the acceleration is extremely fast. We just have to ask one question " how fast can he go?". It's also the most expensive production car ever made. It's a dream car that makes the hypercarmarket more competitive.