The Titanic
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Have you ever heard of the ship RMS Titanic? You may have, but do you know its tale? This ship was why probably no one in the 1910’s wanted to travel by boat. This is also why people that make ships make sure that they have all the materials they need to escape a wreck. The time period, ship, the people, how it happened and the escape are all important parts of the amazing story. `

Time Period

Three years ago was the anniversary of the accident, the anniversary of 100 years. That was a long time ago! The day that the ship sunk was April 14 1912. There were many people from other countries traveling to America by the Titanic. They were mainly third class. In that time period families were traveling to America to have better lives, by getting a better job to make more money. Also, it didn't cost very much to be a third class passenger. That is because money back then had different values. Can you imagine having an allowance that’s only a dime? You probably have 5 times that much of an allowance.

The Ship

“Unsinkable”, the awaiting passengers would say. That is what everyone nicknamed  the Titanic. But, they were wrong. The ship was very expensive to build. It cost $7,500,000. Imagine if you had that much money. But, if engineers were building the ship today it would cost a fortune. The ship took a long time to build, over two years! Soon to be passengers were growing anxious to go to America in the best ship in the world. If only they knew what was coming.

The People

Edward Smith was a phenomenal  captain. He had lots of experience with ships. 2223 people were aboard the ship. There were three classes. First class being the highest price and quality. Second (also known as standard) being affordable, but also like a 3 star hotel. And, third class being cheap and the passengers sleeping on bunk beds. First class was very expensive being $4,350. Second being affordable possibly  if you were traveling alone at $1,750. And, third class at $30. Your parents would probably get third class tickets.

How it happened

“Iceberg ahead”, they shouted. Captain Smith tried to turn but there was no time. Chunks of ice scattered on deck. No one took it seriously. Children, and even adults, were playing with the ice blocks. Throwing them around, playing soccer, everyone was having a great time. The engines turned off, but everyone expected to get back on track within a few minutes. The The stewards went all around the ship warning passengers to get on coats and life vests. The passengers were cold and insisted that they stay inside. Even though they didn't know what was coming the stewards made them come out of their rooms. They thought it was outrageous, until the Titanic started to sink.

The Escape

The ship had 16 life boats. Not nearly enough for 2223 people. “Women and children only”, they would say to the men struggling to board the lifeboats. The lifeboats launched and Titanic tore into two. The men and few women and children either held on or jump away from the ship. Most of the passengers in the water died of hypothermia. Few being saved by lifeboats. But suddenly a light came. The Carpathia had rescued the lifeboat passengers. Later everyone learned that only 706 people survived the sinking of the Titanic. That means 1,517 passengers died.


The RMS Titanic taught us a lesson. How could anyone forget? The tragedy taught us about a wonderful time period, a remarkable ship, the people, how it happened, and most importantly the way the survivors escaped. This is a story to take with caution. Even some people aren't too serious. A few years ago a very similar wreck happened. Nobody died but they could have. Maybe now you can pass down the story, because now you know the Titanic’s tale.

Weird Words

RMS = Royal Mail Ship

Anniversary = A yearly recurrence of the date of a past event

Steward = A person who attends to the needs and concerns of persons on board a vessel, as in overseeing maids and waiters.

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