starting my project

my project is the 3D printing i choose this because its some thing i enjoyied doing in class. i want to learn to how it works and i wouldnt want to do this as a job because it is not want i want to do when i grow up.

day one of printing

intro to research

im planning to start watch the videos and read more about the project. ive read that making 3d printing is difficult

intro research day 3

today im deciding what to make that is testable and works.

day 4

today i decided to start on skecth up and get the base of the boat done it was hard and i had to pull up the front of the boat to match the picture.

day 5

i decied to do a boat for the model and test is to see if it floots and moves in the water

day 6 research on 3d printing

today in starting to researching how to 3D print on a dell computer. i realized this is the hardest part of the project. the transfer though folders and on to the 3D printier is difficult if you know a way to make it easier then please leave it in the comments

day 7

tec of the project

today im learning how to transfer the project on to the 3Dprinter the hardest part so far. if you know any way to make this easier then please comment.

day eight

we are actully printing today!

we had a difficulty and we had to start over but now the printer is printing with a type of plastic that looks like weed wacker stuff. it is doing every line one at a time at the moment i an writing this it is  68% done.

day nine testing

today we are testing the speed and if the object we printed can flout and the boat is stable on water. i tested it at home and the boat is stabe on water. today in testing speed. we are testing it in a glass tray filled with warm water first then i will use cold water. other people are testing weight i thing i will try  that to. ok got to go time to test.

day 10

today we are testing the speed on a long distance. the boat went half way across the 12ft distance. next we put 10 pennies in my boat and it tipped 1.5 seconds after the tenth pennies.

day 11

i did a few more tests and fixed the whole on the out side of my boat with glue and duke tape.  the whole still showed and i had to add hot glue the in whole and it worked.

day 12

i tested it again and i got the boat all the way aross the lake. the wind hit the tail causeing it to go pretty fast.

day 13

today we tested short distance with alittle air .

day 14

day 14 still

today i m going to modify the design of my model so it can hold more supplies. such as quarters or pencils. so i m going to make the sides higher and increase the surface area.

day 15

today we are explaining why we improved our models my model couldnt hold a alot of weight so i doubled the strength and durability. also i wanted to increase the speed so i made the boat long.

day 16

im done and i have followed everything improvement redesign tested redesigned again and tested again finally im done. b

reflection entry 18

the project turned out to be harder then i expected it to be easier then it turned out. i learned that on sketchup the hardest part was getting the curve in the front of the boat and the base to be i had to make it a component and i found multipul mistakes and fixed them. then i learned printing the 3d model was like a real printed that printed ink. it can jam and it did on mine and he had to restart it. then i learned that as the printer prints the liquid is melted plastic like the stuff on the end of a weed wacker.

no i would have this more as a hobby then a job because i love what i make and draw so i want to be a fashion designer.

and i do not think any other project would of let my creativity in 3d printing fly like this one did and to be able to hold something made on the computer rocks.

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😃 hey people place coment on it

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maybe try to make ur 3d model look more like that type of boat a little more besides that its okay