Iraq this Water Issue out of the Field

     The Ataturk Dam is at the top of the main water water sources for Turkey, Syria, and Iraq. This dam is placed in Turkey.

     Iraq has about a quarter of the total population of Turkey, Syria, and Iraq. This would be about 25%.


This is the current population of Turkey, Syria, and Iraq shown in a pie chart.

     Since 1995, the population of all the countries have increased until now, with a future prediction of the populations growing even more. Turkey will have the most people in 2050 with 97.92 million people. Iraq will have the second most people with 74.75 million people. Syria will have the least amount of people with 30.43 million people. Currently, Turkey has 81.6 million, Iraq has 32.5, and Syria has 17.9 million people. So, Turkey will keep on growing steadily, while Iraq will have a spike towards 2040. Syria will grow very slowly compared to the other two countries.

     The changes in Iraq's population will affect the water needs for the country. Since it steadily grows then has a large spike, the water needs will change drastically, meaning that more water will be needed to fullfil the needs of the people.

     Turkey will also have more people overall, so they will need to use more water as well. If Turkey keeps using the water the way they do now, there won't be much water for Syria and Iraq to use.

This is the population growth of Turkey, Syria, and Iraq shown in a line graph.


     Iraq has access to more water than they use, but only by about 28 percent.

This pie chart shows the total renewable water compared to the total water withdrawal.

     There is a bit more external renewable water compared to internal renewable water. The external water comes from the Euphrates and Tigris rivers.

This pie chart compares the total amount of internal renewable water compared to the total amount of external renewable water.

     The people of Iraq use more water than internal water. Since Turkey can control how much or how little water Iraq gets, they may need to cut down on the amount of water used.


     The main focus of Iraq's water needs are for agriculture. If agriculture ends up growing bigger, they may need more water to be able to meet the needs of the people.

This bar graph shows how much the people of Turkey use for agriculture compared to the withdrawal for industry and domestic use.

     Since Iraq needs water for agriculture, and their water source is controlled by Turkey, their fields are being rid of plants. There may not be enough water for agriculture, because they have a limited supply.

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