Clinical Psychologist


                                                                          Macy Pate

                                                                          Grade 9th

                                                                         May 1,2014

                                                                             AVID I

                                                                      Mrs. Edwards

                                                                   Hunt High School

Project Purpose: To become more familiar with my potential career and college that would allow me to obtain my desired degree.

Bibliography: WWW. vacareerview .org

                           WWW. Campbell

                           WWW. Apply 4

My Ultimate Goal

                                  My ultimate goal is to become a clinical psychologist.

Career Description: A clinical psychologist specializes in diagnosing and evaluating mental disorders. This is done through a series of observations, interviews, and tests. The ultimate goal is to help the person live and deal with their disorders(or in some cases over come them).

Why Pursue this Career: I have a deep passion for assisting others and I am determine to prevent things such as depression, abuse, etc. which may result from untreated mental disorders.   

Starting Salary: $38,450

Highest Salary: $87,910

Average Salary: $72,220

How Many Years: 5 to 7

What kind of Degree: Masters(Doctorate required in some states)

Campbell University, Buise Creek NC

Tuition: 26,000 Living

                28,00 Not Living

Minimum G.P.A: 2.0

Ratio of Students to Teachers: 19 to 1

High School Chemistry Required: No

Chemistry Required to Apply: No

College Type: Private



My Overall Feelings Toward the Project

I was overall impressed with the salary and daily task involved in the project.

However the number of years required to earn my degree  is a little overwhelming.

High School Courses to Prepare Me for this Career: Psychology


                                                                                                 Childhood Development

Plan B: Social Work


                Theater Arts

Best thing I Discovered: Psychologist not only assist others cope with their disorders, they can also diagnose them to medically treat their disorders.


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