volcanoes and wildfires

                                                                 what is a volcano?

a volcano is a fissure in the earth in which magma gets pushed upwards and explodes. eventually ash will pile up and form a mound. volcanoes are located in the USA such as Mt. Saint Helen's,Hawaii, and Yellowstone. others are found through out the world, such as Mt Fuji (Japan). approximately 50-70 volcanoes erupt each year! but don't worry kids, no volcanoes are near Vancouver.

                                                                   What is a wildfire?

A wildfire is an uncontroled fire in an area of flammable vegetation in a remote-ish place.  the most common reasons for a wildfire are old campfires and lightning strikes. wildfire is not always bad, though. some plants need fire to germinate.

                                                           Types of volcanoes

There ate many types of volcanoes, some types are shield volcanoes, fissure volcanoes, cinder cones, composite volcanoes. There are also strombolian, vulcanian, peleian, and pilinian eruptions.  


                                                                               parts of an volcano

the main parts of a volcano are the main magma chamber, crater, vent, side vent, magma and molten rock, ash from the volcano, and the ash cloud. (scroll down for chart)

                                                                        Volcano erupting

Wild fires

                                                                              how to survive

there is no better way to survive volcanoes and wildfires than to just EVACUATE. listen for warnings and follow them.

                                                                                 Fun facts

when mount st. helens erupted, part of the volcano collapsed on itself.

there are subglacial volcanoes in B.C.

In 1963 a undersea volcano off the coast of Iceland erupted and formed a island.

Yellowstone is a super volcano,so when it erupts (scientists predict it will happen in our life times), people in Vancouver will feel the eruption!



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