Elementary Language Arts mLearning Options

By: Krista Stroyek

Toondoo- is a fun way for students to use their creative side to compose stories in the form of cartoons. They simply create and account select a template and begin writing what they believe is happening in the cartoon pictures, they also have the ability to customize their own cartoon with pictures and text instead of using the templates provided. This would be a great tool to use in a grade three Language Arts classroom because students need to use their imagination to create a story based on the images provided.

Story maker- is a fun app that allows students to customize their own story. They have the option of picking a fairy-tale, a horror story, or a science-fiction story. From there, students fill in the blanks with appropriate words that correspond to the questions being asked. For example: where does the princess live? Students can respond with their own answer or choose one of the default answers provided for them, the default answers also help the students generate ideas. Once their story is complete students will have to read their customized story. This app would be well suited for a grade two or three Language Arts class because it allows students to use their creativity and provides ideas for them to use when they are writing their own stories.

Pinkydinkydoo- is an app that is geared more towards younger children because unlike story maker it does not allow students to write their own responses to the fill-in-the-blanks, students have to choose one of the responses provided. Also, the app itself reads aloud the story as the students fills in the blanks. The word level of the story is also very simple and directed towards younger students. The app has an option at the end where students can choose to save their stories and view them in the future or print their stories. This app would be great for a grade two Language Arts class because it is a good tool that encourages creativity and also provides simple directions for students. The app also reads the story out loud to the students and teaches students about the three components of story writing (beginning, middle, and end)

Sock Puppets- this is an app that allows students to create their very own sock puppet show, they create a main character and then add in other customized characters. They then use these puppets to tell a story, the app provides some suggestions for story themes that assists the students. It also allows students to create any story they want on any topic. Students can then watch their puppet show and share them with their friends and family. This tool would be great in a grade three Language Arts because it provides and alternate way for students to create a story, thus in the form of a puppet show. The app also provides advice for puppet show topics, or students can choose to write a story about any story they choose.

Make Beliefs- is an awesome comic website where students can create their own custom comics that tell a d story. The app itself is actually quite easy to use where students just have to select the character they want and what they want the character to say using the thought and talk balloons provided. This is also an excellent way for students to see story writing in a different way, and it is very fun to customize and create these comics. This app would work well in a grade three Language Arts classroom because the app is simple to use and allows students to use their creativity to create their own story in the form of a comic. Personally, I believe students will enjoy using this app because the creation process is really fun and customizable.

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