by: Rachel goldman
May 7,  2015
period 3

This map shows the humid continental climates around the world. DSA is located in Canada, Russia, Alaska, Northern parts of the United States.

Temperatures and Precipitation


Averages of -36 degrees Celsius or colder which is equal to -32.8 degrees Fahrenheit. In the winter months, temperatures reach 10 degrees Celsius or 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Seasonal Temperature Differences:

The summers are usually warm to hot and often humid summers. During the winter, it is cold or sometimes severely cold.


Precipitation  is distributed evenly throughout the countries that the DSA is located including Canada, Russia, Alaska, Northern parts of the United States.

Humid Continental Climates

Higher elevations adjacent to areas with hot summer Mediterranean climates. The elevation stops such classification due to colder winters in Mediterranean climates. It is a class D climate classification.

Flora~ Plant Life

Fauna~Animal Life

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According to Ceylon Journal of Science, 2014 "The potential implications of climate change on invasive alien flora relevant to Sri Lanka are discussed, highlighting how disturbances to ecosystems during climate change would facilitate the dispersal, establishment and spread of these invasive species and result in a change in the species distribution of native flora within ecosystems. "