Book Trailer Frenzy
@Your Library

What is a Book Trailer?

A book trailer is a video promo for a book.  Just like we see movie trailers to promote new movies, a book trailer should give an overview of the book, without spoiling it, have a hook to make the reader want to read the book, and build excitement about the book.

Today's Task

Today you will be viewing and analyzing different book trailers.  The button below will take you to a website that has trailers arranged by genre, just as our library is.  Take some time to browse the site to familiarize yourself with what is there.

View five book trailers.

For each one, on a piece of paper, write down:

1.  Title, author, genre

2.  Did the trailer grab your attention?  Did it make you want to read the book?

3.  If so, what characteristics do you need to make note of for your own trailer?

4.  If not, what do you need to avoid?

Keep an open mind - you may watch a trailer and not be interested in that particular book for personal reasons, but it may still be a good trailer.  Look for characteristics of a good book trailer regardless of your opinion of the book.  However, initially, do try to choose books that you think may interest you so that maybe you can find something new to read.

More Info/More Trailers

The Book Trailer Frenzy site is linked from the library website if you want to reach it in the future.  In addition, there are more trailers linked from the library website:, under the "Reading" tab.

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