The New Athens

Why You Should Come and Live Here


Here in Athens we very much like having good athletic people. Athenian citizens compete in the Panathenaic Games which only we have to honor our goddess Athena. They also compete in the Olympic games which are very competitive games that people compete in from all over Greece.


In architecture we have many beautiful religious temples to honor everybody's favorite goddess Athena. We have 3 different types of columns on our temples and they are the Doric, Ionic and Corinthian. We also have different temples to honor our other gods and goddesses. On our columns we have decorated bands called friezes.


Us Athenians are very passionate about theater. Drama in the theater is practically a way of life for us Athenians. Our chorus is always there in front of the stage to help explain everything that is happening during our play. Our plays are also part of competitions we have. We also created comedy in the theater.


We are also very interested in math. When we look for answers we look for logical answers. Most of us love reasoning. A Greek man named Pythagoras believed that numbers and math were the key to understanding nature.


We believe that sicknesses were caused by the gods. Hippocrates believed that sickness happened because of natural causes. You can now actually be treated by doctors as we have gotten more advancements on the human body. Aristarchus was the first ever scientist to say the Earth revolved around the sun. We also learned much more about the body and how it works from us being involved in sports.


When it comes to philosophy all of us Greeks love to talk and argue with others about problems. One of our greatest philosophers was Socrates who taught people to learn by the way of asking questions.

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