Arkansas Workers' Compensation

Steps to file a Workers' Compensation Claim:

Step 1: Notify to employer

If your injury is an emergency, get medical help first then as soon as possible notify employer of injury. Each state will have a set time limit if time to report: 2 to 30 days.

Step 2: Follow Doctors orders

Depending on the circumstance of your injury, you might see ER doctor, your doctor, or your companies doctor. Always follow all of the doctors orders because it can effect your workers' compensation. And get in writing from the doctor if you need time off.

Step 3: File Your Claim

No matter who your employer is insured through, they should have forms available for you to complete for your claim. Complete this form truthfully and make a photo copy for yourself to file and turn in form according to the instructions.

Document! Document! Document!

Make copies of everything that has to do with your workers' compensation. Keep logs of dates and content of conversations. Write down who you talk to and their title.

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