The world will never be a perfect place

By: Kenedy & Emily E

Criminals and Crimes: Because it makes the world and environment unsafe.

Education: kids aren't getting the equal amount of education as others in other parts of the world.

Religions: People look at each other differently based on what they believe in.

Peoples rights: Men and women don't have the same rights another example is like with gay marriages.

Addictions: Drug or alcohol abuse can cause lots of danger for anyone

Arguments and not getting along with one another: People don't get along easily in the world for many reasons like; religion, skin color, beliefs, etc.

Wars and conflict: It's the same thing as arguments but wars are more serious and cause different countries to grow hate for each other.

Poverty: People are going through bad situations like where they live, how much food or money they have and or their jobs.

Money: Lots of people think that their world should revolve around money while others are just bearly living off of what they have. This makes the world not perfect because people don't really know how to correctly handle money.

Jobs: People aren't doing a job they want or like but they are working anywhere they can to make money and I feel like people should look more into what they like to do for a job and not just something for money.