Las Fallas!

Every year a special event occurs in Valencia, Spain. This is event is called Las Fallas and is celebrated from March 15 to March 19. Las Fallas translates to “the fires” and is a celebration in honor of Saint Joseph or San Jose the saint of carpenters. Artists and carpenters of Valencia construct elaborate float-like structures that are carted down the streets which becomes something similar to a parade. These doll-looking creations can symbolize celebrities, politicians, current events, etc. Then there is a fireworks portion of the celebration also called “La Mascletá”. Other events that occur during the celebration are bullfights, parades, beauty pageants, and paella contests. Finally, at night, there is an event called “La Nit de Foc” which is the portion of the celebration that makes this event famously known. At this time, the dolls are set on fire ceremoniously and burned. This a popular event in Valencia and is quite famous throughout Spain.

By: Joshua Whitley

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