1. Thermosphere

things about the thermosphere..... The thermosphere extends from 80 km above the earths TO OUTTER SPACE.. The temperature s hot an may be as high as thousands of degrees as the few molecules that are present in the thermosphere receive extraordinary large amounts of energy from the sun... The thermosphere probably will feel cold to us because of the few molecules will collide in our skin and transfer enough energy to cause appreciable heat is appreciable heat s extremely low...


Things about the mesosphere...... The mesosphere EXTENDING from 50 to 80 KM above the earths surface.....Its a cold layer where the temperatures generally decreases with increasing altitude.... Dropping to as low 90;C (-130;F) at the top layer.... the atmosphere is very rarefied nevertheless thick enough to slow down meteor hurtling nto the atmosphere.... where they burn up.


Things about the stratosphere..... the stratosphere is about 35 KM deep... Extends from about 15 to 50 KM above the earths surface... Stratosphere get warmer as you go higher away from earth because of absorption of sunlight by ozone.... Temperatures increase with altitude... is the second from earths layer... sometimes planes go through it an they have clouds rockets...


Things about the troposphere... Troposphere extending to about 10-15 KM above the earths surface it contains 75% of the atmosphere mass.. The troposphere is wider at the equator than at the poles... Temperatures and pressure drops as you go higher up the troposphere.... Gets as cold as 75;C (-130:F) NEAR THE TOP.. WATER, MOUNTAINS, CLOUDS AN PLANES BE IN THE TROPOSPHERE..

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