The Great Zimbabwe

Great Zimbabwe was built in the 11th century and was built for another hundred. The Great Zimbabwe is known for its large collection of ruins. It is located in the heart of South Africa and is know for its great wealth and culture. Great Zimbabwe was the home of the cattle herding people who eventually would become very skilled metal workers. A lot of Great Zimbabwe is a great mystery but in the 13th century scientists know that Zimbabwe was at the epicenter of a industrious time in Africa. They had Trading routes spanning all the way too India, China, and Persia. Great Zimbabwe had symbols of 8 birds which were most likely used to show royalty and is know on the present day flag. Great Zimbabwe used sculptures and this shows that they had material and money. I can find this out because they had extra time and material to make these sculptures. This shows that there society was very developed because they had specialized people just to make scultures for royl

The structure

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