Hydraulic project

The structure of this project is a combination if a scissor lift and a mechanical arm.  The job of the scissor lift is to lift the mechanical arm higher than the arm can do on it's own.  The mechanical arm's job is to grab the object that is high up using the extension and the rope and hook to grab the object and bringing it to it's proper area.  At the base of the structure there is a box filled with heavy objects to support the load on top and preventing it from falling. There are three syringes: the first one is pushing the base if the scissor lift to make it go up.  The second syringe is to increase the height if the mechanical arm. The third syringe is to extend the mechanical arm so it can grab the object needed.

Materials needed for the structure:

- popsicle sticks

- copper wire

- cardboard

- 3 syringes (2 small one big)

-  tube

- rope/ string

- hook

- objects

- wooden block

- long piece of wood

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