The Byzantine Empire

Started in the beginning of the 4th century after the fall of the Roman empire and ended in the mid-14th century. (1453 AD)

The Byzantine Empire Information

The Byzantine Empire was the Eastern half of the Roman Empire. In the photo above, it shows the Byzantine Empire in its greatest extent in the 5th century. Unlike the Western half of the Roman Empire, which fell to barbarians in about 476 AD, the Eastern half grew strong and lasted for another one thousands years. The Byzantines Empire's capital was Constantinople, named after the first ruler Constantine, and the main religion of the empire was Eastern, sometimes referred to as Greek, Orthodox.

The Byzantine Empire had a big effect on how Russia's culture is today. Many of the ideas came through trade. One is that the main religion of Eastern Orthodox was spread to Russia, but was changed to Russian Orthodox. They also introduced them to art such as mosaics. Mosaics are pieces of glass or stone placed together to create a picture, as you can see in the photo above. They also gave them architecture, also pictured above.

The Byzantine Empire gave our society a few contributions. One thing they gave us is a set of laws called Justinian's Code. Justinian's Code was the set of laws for the Byzantine Empire. They were based on the Roman "Twelve Tables". These became a basis for laws in many European nations. Another contribution they have is to art and architecture, which can be seen in their churches. Also, without their efforts of preserving most of the knowledge, art, and ideas of the old Roman and Greek cultures would have been destroyed.

The empire lasted a thousand years, but how? First, they had a fairly organized government. Their type of government was an absolute monarchy. Also, they did not get too big to manage. They would grow and shrink a lot throughout the years. Finally, they minded their own business and stayed out of other empires affairs.

The Byzantine Empire fell to the Ottoman Empire in 1453.

Even though the Empire fell, we still use their contributions.

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