Stuck in Korea

In the 1950's north Korea went through a change in government they went from a non communist country to a Communist one. They went through a war with a America called the Korean war it took place in the late fifty ending with a stall mate at the 38th parallel. Ever since then north Korea has not let any outsiders into there country. they wont let people leave and there is one man to blame for it kim jong il then his son took over kim jong un. the country from night time pictures are black showing not much activity in the country at all. America has tried to talk to north korea but it wont work they are breaking huge human rights laws and need to be stopped.

The volition that are being broken are many such as the right to religion the right to leave the country not having food being beaten and killed by army. There are people that escaped from north Korea to tell the world how bad it really is there how theirs no food and how they are beaten and have see people get beat up and killed over little things. It is wrong of north Korea to not even let people leave the country they are trapped there. Many people have tried to escape but if they are caught the are sent to prison or more likly killed. The people in  north korea are suffering and need help from outside countrys they need it.

The targeted group was the whole nation of north Korea. The people of this nation are in danger. the person who caused all the suffering was kim jong li and kim jong un they are the leader of this nation and the reason this is happening. they run the country with fear and power. There whole goal of doing this is power to run there nation how they want it they want there own north Korea.

Thriugh out the years people have tried to end the things that have been happening to the north Korea people but nothing has worked. There has been a war to try to stop it but that ended in a stall mate and they have tried to have peace talks but north Korea wont meet up to talk. to this day we have been trying to talk to them but they wont answer us back. even when world wise news comes up they wont answer they keep to themselves.

The way we can stop this volition is by not letting this happen we need to help them. They are trapped in there own country and need help. we need to talk to north Korea or something to help them they need are help. people try to get out of that country every day and some make it.

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