Halloween Fest

Pumpkin Patches, Corn mazes and More!

The Halloween Fest is kid friendly and fun for all ages. There are many activities for all ages to do. At night from 8:00 till 12:00, you can go through the corn maze with creeps and other exciting things. Otherwise from 3:00 till 7:00, it will be kid friendly. Carve pumpkins all day and have fun in the hay! Lunch and dinner will be provided. Halloween day there will be a costume contest from 4:00 till 4:30. Come to see the prizes! From all of the money we make, 1/2 of it will go to the Sanford children's hospital to help pay so the can carve or decorate pumpkins for halloween. The Halloween Fest will be running from October 15th till Halloween and open from 3:00 till 12:00. Kids 12 years or younger are 3.99 each and Adults are 5.99 each. Come join the fun while helping and Happy Halloween!

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