Tech Tips for COE Students

UAA College of Education

Here are some basics to help avoid problems with technology used in/for your classes. No need to spend any money; a little time spent now is worth avoiding frustration later!

Be prepared:

Both wireless and wired. Have wifi set up AND a way to connect directly to the internet via ethernet (more stable). When on campus, choose the Anchorage wifi for better speed and security.

3 current browsers. Be sure you have the latest version of at least 3 current browsers. Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are my favorites.

Install plug-ins/players/readers. Be sure you have the most current version of Adobe Reader, Java, Quicktime, Adobe Flash Player, and VLC Media Player. Uncheck any extras they try to get you to install at the same time.

Problem solving:

  • Try again. Close and reopen the program or app. Turn off the device and turn it back on.
  • Try using another browser. Try a direct connection to the internet rather than wifi.
  • Seek help. Search online for your problem. Call the UAA call center at 786-4646.

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