Urban Infrastructure: Traffic Control

By: Chris & Parm

Traffic can be a unsatisfying scene and can make a person late to an important event. In order to prevent traffic, the government uses stop signs, traffic lights, and monitors.  


Stop signs were made in 1915 and was recommended to be used. Roads would go anarchy without any guidance for the drivers. Throughout the years the stop sign has changed but the meaning didn't. Many other signs were produced to help traffic control which have other meanings.


             The diagram above shows the basics of how a intersection is controlled by traffic lights. On each side of the road is a sensor that controls the timing of the lights. The traffic lights are also controlled by the walk buttons for pedestrians that are crossing the road. The different colors on the traffic lights have many different meanings.


The traffic cameras on the roads are always watched and get sent to the traffic control centre. Cameras are put on roads for safety of all people. On highways there are electrical signs that tell people driving cars that lanes are closed or the time it will take to get out of traffic and back on the road.

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