Who I was and who I am

I used to a little baby,

Crying, needy, full of wonder.

But now i am an older teenager,

Full of energy, knowledge, and fun.

I used to be at another school,

Smaller, but more close-knit.

But now I am at LSA,

Happy, Successful, and learning well.

I used to be a little punk,

Hurtin', lyin', stealin' with no feelin'.

But now I am a different guy,

Carin', sharin, and full of Life.

I used to be a small toddler,

Short, cute, and full of energy.

But now i am much older,

Smarter, but still pretty short.

I used to visit family often,

Having fun and making memories.

But now i visit even more,

Strengthening the bonds.