Life of a Takk


When my star was a nebula it was blue, green, red. It wasn't hot. It wasn't big. It was just a little baby. It's very lonely because no planets orbit it. His name is Paco. He will soon to be a high mass star.


When my star was a protostar it was pretty. It was yellow, orange, yellow, red. Paco was big but not to big and it was good looking. It was still on its way to become a high mass star.

Main Sequence Star/High Mass

Paco has formed a star. But he is not yet a red giant. He also has a lot more stages to go threw. He is also a very pretty blue. He will soon to be a red giant. He is also a high mass.

Big Red Giant

My star is now a big red giant. He is red like most red giants. He is having fun being huge and red. But Paco will soon to be a Supernova star.


My star is so handsome. He is blue, orange, red, black, and more. He had a fun time in his life but it is almost up.

Black Hole

My black hole is black, blue, and orange. Paco is happy but he is not really a star anymore. He is having fun sucking things up into his hole. He is also still pretty.

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