Fall Mrs.Selock 5th

I woke up and in an instant I smelled Mom’s warm steaming pancakes. I rushed

downstairs , eat quickly so I won’t be late for school. As I was ridding my bike I saw

the colorful leaves and I saw a boy in his backyard falling into a pile of leaves.

Then when I got to school I noticed my shoes were covered with dew from the grass.

as soon as school was over I smelled the crisp air. I loved it! It smelled like grandma’s candles. The ground was like a rainbow of leaves! It was beautiful!

I got home and Mom was making steaming cinnamon rolls. Yum! The next morning it was Muffin Saturday! I ran downstairs and I almost exploded with excitement! I love this season! Then I went outside and drowned into a pile of leaves! I love everything about this season! BEST SEASON EVER