Going to Teen Travel Camp Essentials

Young lady is going to the teen travel camp – isn’t that an exciting event? New people, new places, hiking somewhere, taking part in some volunteer programs… But for now – thinking over and over what should be taken to the teen travel camp.

All travelers when first going for a holiday felt stressful even if there was all-inclusive service and the period of not being at home was just two weeks. So how should a kid feel when he or she leaves home for three or four months? It’s not a stress; it’s much more complicated word! So, to feel comfortable at least with the things that we take into our bag, here we’ve got some useful tips.

Dressy-look garment

For sure, teen travel camp will have a lot of themes in which a fancy dress will be necessary. Such themes may be Olympic Games, Jamaica, Poseidon holiday and lots more – isn’t it a perfect way to make new friends quickly?

Personal care items

Well, we don’t mean whole bottles of shampoo that you can use for the whole summer. Take the quantity that is necessary for two weeks. Every two weeks regular visits of Walmart occur through teen travel camps. Also take a sun cream to protect your skin. At the start it will be definitely hot for you by the time you get used to heat.

Necessary equipment for your future activity

You may be extremely active but that doesn’t mean that you bag should hold all the stuff that can be potentially necessary. Remember the gold rule: absolutely essential things must be included to your baggage. Kind of – if you are going to take some horse-riding classes, then you should take a pair of riding boots. For this purpose take those boots that will serve you “faithfully and loyally” and you can throw them away after completion of teen travel camp mission. In case you are going to learn high ropes, it doesn’t mean you have to take your helmet. Just let some free space in your bag. All the more so, as regular Walmart visits allow you buy everything you need for a quite reasonable price. And, thus, you case will have more space and less weight.


Before going to any camp, teen travel campers pass mandatory swim test (this is going to be a part of the camp orientation) and during your time in the camp it will be quite often that you spend your time in or around the pool. Take two or three swimming costumes, they will not take much space in your case, but will be always at your hand, when you decide just to jump into swimming pool to get fresh during a hot day.


This is the thing we would like to stress and emphasize: trainers must be comfortable! You are going to almost live in your trainers, that is why take those that are not recently bought, but those that have been already worn. In such a way you are going to avoid appearing of blisters while being on your feet the whole day long.

Clothes you are not afraid to get dirty

Forget about well-known brand names, we strongly do not recommend taking such clothes. Teen travel camp is not a place to make fashion parades. Of course, nobody can judge you if you want to wear last trend wearing. But think about the following moment: it is hot; you are outside most of your time, using the sun cream. Would you like your trendy wearing to have stains of sun cream? No, for sure. Another point is that when washing clothes in a camp everyone’s clothes are put into machines together. Do you still have any questions?

A hoodie or a sweater, plus joggers

It’s a huge contrast between temperatures during daylight and night. Days are very hot and humid, while nights in the teen travel camp you can get quite cold. You will appreciate having hoodie in your bag among your clothes. It is even better if you take your college or school sweater – well, merchandising your state school is a very pretty thing, you know. There will be questions about which school you attend and this is a very good start for communicating.

Girls! Sport bras!

We mean only comfort. Is even the best Victoria’s Secret luxurious bra better than a comfortable sport bra?

Banquet night

Teen travel camp has often has such nights when everybody is dressed up. Sandals and a maxi dress is a perfect choice, because you are going to look very cute and, at the same time, this dress won’t take much place in your case.

Items of personal nature

The best and the most popular personal thing that all teen travel campers take with them is a photo of their family and their favourite toy. Teen travel campers from other countries often bring flags of their country to hang on the wall. Take those things that can make the space in the room more personal for you not to be very homesick. Being in a teen travel camp is very interesting time, but everybody perfectly understand that sometimes being far from home may become very hard, and teen travel campers miss their families more than they do it usually. So, such dear to heart things like photos or toys give you a happy feeling. On top of that, this is a good point to start conversation with.


Books are perfect mean to go through flying by plane and getting to sleep. One book won’t be enough, so take a couple of them. Well, Game of Thrones won’t be needed, but a couple of thin books will be good. If reading is not about you, take MP3 to listen to audiobooks or just music.


Who would refuse from favourite snacks like Cadbury’s? Get some of them with you! And then ask your family to send you more. Every time you have dinner, you take out that favourite tea bag with your favourite snack and every time you are given with that home feeling…

To sum up

This list could be prolonged and added with more points, but we hope that mentioned above things would be of great help for you and will make packing for going to teen travel camp less stressful. If there any extra advice needed, don’t hesitate to call to teen travel camp office and ask all necessary questions.