Roman Lifesavers

Colosseum in Rome, Italy

          Europe 408 C.E. 476 C.E. - Over the course of the Roman Empire, the Romans built many structures like aqueducts, roads, theaters, and stadiums for entertainment and for transportation. The builders of this time cut blocks of stone and/granite to 6x11 blocks then pasted them on  "Rome was not built in one day." -John Heywood.

           During this time the builders of these items cut blocks of stone and/or granite 6x11 slabs then pasted them on top of each other. When these structures are looked at closely people can see the edges of stones sticking out from being miscut or mislayed. You can witness these styles on many other structures except for the most famous one. "Rome is a great city stuck in the past."- anonymous.

            The Roman's greatest invention effects our everyday commute. Roads, simple but complex.  These windy strands helped them, and now help us travel to work or to school.  The roads wind up and down mountains, down valleys, and all throughout Europe.  Remains of these roads have been found all the way in Britain!  

          Just like roads aqueducts carry other  things very far distances.  Aqueducts were also an invention that helped the Roman civilization. Romans built these towering structures stretching over 570 miles! Aqueducts were built to carry water but were built flat. You're probably asking yourself how does the water flow?  These buildings were made so that gravity would pull the water through the "ditch" carrying it from one place to another.

          These structures, like the Colosseum, were guarded by an elite force, the Swiss Guard.  Many other famous structures like certain aqueducts are also closely watched.  Some structures aren't even guarded because of the traffic on them.


Ancient Rome

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