The flag of Rhode Island is white, bearing on each side in the center a gold anchor, underneath it a blue ribbon with the state motto "Hope" in gold letters, and surrounded by thirteen golden stars in a circle, representing the original 13 states. The flag is also edged with yellow fringe.


Rhode Island was the last state to adopt an official state flower. Although the violet was voted as the state flower by Rhode Island's school children in 1897, the flower was not officially adopted by the state until 1968. There are 400-500 species of violet distributed around the world, most in the temperate northern hemisphere.


The Rhode Island red chicken was designated the official state bird of Rhode Island in 1954. When the bill was signed into law, then-Governor Dennis J. Roberts stated: "The Rhode Island red has become a symbol of Rhode Islanders all over the world."


Although the red maple was voted as the state tree by Rhode Island's school children in the 1890's, it was not officially recognized as the state tree until 1964. The red maple tree provides spectacular fall foliage - the leaves turning gold, purple, and scarlet (adding to the beauty of Rhode Island’s forests).


Situated at the mouth of the Newport Harbor, Fort Adams State Park offers an exceptional panoramic view of both Newport Harbor and the East Passage of Narragansett Bay. The park offers a wide range of activities including salt water bathing, fishing, boating, soccer, rugby, and picnicking. Fort Adams is perhaps best known for its annual summer concerts when the Jazz Festival, and the Folk Festival draw thousands to enjoy the music and beautiful surroundings.

Welcome to the National Museum of American Illustration, where artworks from the 'Golden Age of American Illustration' and from other eras are presented in the 'Gilded Age' architectural frame of Vernon Court (1898). Visitors can appreciate our American Imagist Collection as a medley of beautiful pictures, but also as a historical overview of our unique culture. These works are our visual history, indeed they are American civilization illustrated. The original paintings and drawings in our Collection were specifically created for reproduction in books, periodicals, newspapers, advertisements, and art prints. In the process, illustrators created iconic images, a mythology of our history, and a virtual catalog of bygone styles and days. We cordially invite you to take The Grand Tour of the Museum.

There is always something exciting happening at the Norman Bird Sanctuary in Middleton, RI!  We’re happy you found us and want to learn more about NBS! With over 300 acres and seven miles of hiking trails, there is plenty to see at all times of the year. You can bring your binoculars and go for a walk along our well-maintained trails. You will be sure to see a variety of local and migratory birds, depending on the season.